The data contained on the site it for informational purposes only. Operators of the site cannot help you claim your property. Please obstain from writing with requests for help claiming your property.
If you have located your name or the name of your relatives on this site, please visit and fill the appropriate form to submit a claim for the property.
Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here

Unclaimed property information in the US is available for viewing for any individual at the appropriate public organization of each state. Such records are not and have never been secret, they have just been more difficult to access before current advances in computing and computer networking. We are not the original source of this information.

State authorities post unclaimed property records online for the public to view, in many cases such information is crawled by search engine bots like Google and are shown as a result to searches. Any one can access these records directly from the state authority or a search engine. We are simply providing a more convinient representation of the data from the source database.

Please don't send removal requests via contact message
If you don't wish for your details and name to appear on this site you can remove them yourself. Register and/or login to the site, visit the appropriate page that you want to be removed and click on the button "Request Record Deletion". The page will be immediately deleted from this website. After 48 hours the page will also be removed from Google's index and will not be show in search results. Requests for deletion sent via the contact form may take a long time to be processed.